POET Biorefinery

The company is investing $115M in its Marion County plant and adding 18 jobs thanks to an expansion project.

“Marion has been a strong supporter of bio-fuels,” said Brett Yerdon, technology scouting director for POET. “We’ve had a presence here since 2008. Marion has a strong workforce and a highly innovative community, and we’re incredibly excited to be announcing this expansion.”  The new jobs would add about $950,000 to the current payroll.  “These are full-time jobs with a real career path for those in the community that take them, which has us incredibly excited,” Yerdon said.

“Today the plant runs at about 70 million gallons of ethanol per year,” Yerdon said.  “Post-expansion, it’ll run 140 million gallons. It’ll double our dry distiller grain production, which is a high protein animal feed, as well as the corn oil that’s produced, which today goes to a number of applications, such as bio-diesel.



Poet Biorefinery