About Marion

Marion is a Place Where Your Business Can Grow and Families Can Prosper

Marion, Ohio is located right outside of central Ohio, away from the stress of big city hassle. We are a safe community with affordable housing and virtually no commute time to all of our largest employers — all with the amenities that come with being situated in a major city such as dining, recreation and entertainment.


MarionMade! is a county-wide initiative focused on telling the story of Marion’s past, present and future through traditional and social media and online. MarionMade! brings together Marion residents, businesses, visitors and associations to promote positive features and stories about Marion’s people, products, places, programs, and projects. This unique collaboration is strengthening relationships throughout the county — MarionMade! is proof we proudly stand together in support of our vibrant community. Visit the MarionMade! website.

“Preparing students for their future careers starts as early as kindergarten, and our schools are developing their curriculums and courses with the needs of potential future employers in mind.”

– Dr. Shelly Dason, Marion Area Workforce Acceleration Collaborative

“I’m very passionate about the downtown revitalization — the momentum here is the heart and soul of our community. We have great community parks and both the Marion Tallgrass Trail and The Palace Theatre are community gems. We’re also blessed with exceptional healthcare and a destination for certain procedures rather than a pit stop.”

– Kenneth Daniel, United Church Homes

“We’re working to develop those events that create community and make Marion a destination. Whatever the interests of our residents are, we’re starting initiatives such as The Farmer’s Market or urban farms that fuel a good atmosphere for small businesses. There are so many groups or organizations to become involved with.”

– Evie Warr-Cummings, Marion Area Planning Commission

Our Community Partners